Friday, July 6, 2018

NAPALM DEATH Chile 1997 -the whole set

NAPALM DEATH included the first 5 tracks of this live + intro in the "Punishment in capitals" DVD (2002 SNAPPER MUSIC UK). here for the first time, all the rest of the NAPALM DEATH set.
Pro-shot multicam footage! broadcasted on a Chilean TV.

NAPALM DEATH Santiago, Chile (19 October 1997)

1 - Discordance (intro)
2 - I abstain
3 - Unchallenged hate
4 - Greed killing
5 - Suffer the children
6 - Mass appeal madness

songs 1-6: "Punishment in capitals" DVD.

this is the rest of the set!!!!!

Napalm Death-Hung (Chile 1997)

Napalm Death - Antibody (Chile 97)

Napalm Death - If the Truth be Known (Chile 97)

Napalm Death-Prelude (Chile 1997)

Napalm Death-Upward and Uninterested (Chile 1997)

Napalm Death - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Chile 97)

Napalm Death-Scum (Chile 97)

Napalm Death-From Enslavement to Obliteration (Chile 1997)

other 3 songs can be heard in this mono camera rare footage! just a bit weak colors but audio is excellent.

Napalm Death-Siege of power (min 28:30)
Napalm Death-Control (min 36:30)
Napalm Death-Pride assassin (min 38:10)


Pier Fassby 2018

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NAUSEA L.A. - demos 2002-2006


(top) Oscar Garcia, Carlos Gonzales
(down) Alfred "GARVEY" Estrada, Eric Castro


Oscar Garcia, Javier Arqueros, Vito Tagliente, Eric Castro

NAUSEA - Images of abuse (demo 2006)

1. Does God need help?
2. Lost war
3. Fuck the world
4. Cries of pain


NAUSEA - Who would surrender? (demo 2003)

1. Who would surrender
2. Condemn big business
3. World left in confinement
4. Freedom of religion


NAUSEA - Absence of war (Reh | demo 2002)

1. Control
2. Wounded II
3. Does God need help?
4. Absence of war

NAUSEA - Control (Reh | demo 2002)

1 Control
2 Wounded
3 Does God need help?
4 Breed

NAUSEA reforms in july 2001. first release is the "Control" demo cd in 2002.
it contains 3 new tracks + 1 old NAUSEA track "Breed", from a 1992 demo.
while they were spreading the Control cd, they decided to release the "Absence of war" cd instead. in order to promote the brand new track "Absence of war".
so, first 3 tracks are the same as the Control cd, but the 4th song Breed is now replaced with "Absence of war". The song Wounded here is entitled Wounded II. to me it appears the same. ;) who knows? maybe Oscar just changed, or fixed its lyrics. I always forgot asking him.
in addition,this cd contains lyrics in the booklet. (while Control didn't).



Sunday, September 12, 2010


BLOODY PHOENIX just completed their second Euro tour (2010) and US tour (2011).
the Euro tour was very successful and they played 7-8 dates in Russia,
Ukraina, Lithuania. thanks for making it again to Italy!
new CD "death to everyone" OUT NOW (625thrash/Obscene prod)

Live in Praha,CZ 2009


Thursday, May 27, 2010

NAPALM DEATH march 2010 -Russia Tour

NAPALM DEATH from Birmingham, England.
they keep up with this line-up since 1991 and they are still on TOP form.
just check these vids I selected from the russian tour March 2010.

people went nuts! PRO-SHOT vids!

it's great to see the russian scene here. I still remember the first time NAPALM DEATH went in Russia/Moscow, after the fall of old communism. dec 1991.
it was an event. also METALLICA got permission to play there only in 1991.
it was reported on all metal mags back then.
the Live Corruption CD, which I got in a rare ND black boxset (which was released in 1992 just before UTOPIA BANISHED) had in the booklet all pics taken from the russian trip. cool memory.
the show on the cd, though,was the original soundboard recording from the Live Corruption VHS show, in Salisbury UK with no cuts.

Napalm Death Live in Minsk 2010 PRO-SHOT!
see Danny shake hands at the end of the vid.

Napalm Death 28.03.10

"Napalm Death" in Siberia ("Suffer the Children")
22/03/10 "Rock City"

and finally..Moscow! ;) check the security!

Napalm Death - 26.03.10 - Moscow - XO Club - 2