Saturday, April 11, 2015

I'm sorry, all the links will be deleted as soon as I am speaking. I have paid for 2 years the site who hosted the files, and I was happy with Rapidshare. but during these years this service has changed and I won't pay anymore for it.

the posts will remain.

UPDATE! NEWS! I will replace the download link with a youtube link for hearing that albums

fassby / april 2015.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

UPSIDE "Tristi Orizzonti" LP 1990


UPSIDE "Tristi Orizzonti" (LP 1990 T.V.O.R.)

1. Upside
2. Giusto un altro giorno
3. Spara
4. Statica freddezza
5. Se ne stanno andando
6. Noi non siamo morti
7. Tristi orizzonti
8. Troppo bianchi per capire, troppo bianchi per cambiare

first UPSIDE LP "Tristi orizzonti".
on T.V.O.R., same label of NEGAZIONE, UPSET NOISE and so on in Italy.

thanks ScreamingInChurches for the request !


Saturday, February 25, 2012

UPSIDE "Labirinti della menzogna" 1993

UPSIDE "Labirinti della menzogna" (1993 TLD)

1. Emozioni
2. Voci lontane
3. Labirinti della menzogna
4. Specchi
5. Lager
6. Tempi caldi
7. Check up
8. Cercando
9. Hai la morte addosso
10. I tratti dell'immagine
11. La follia

"tempi caldi"

"la follia"

classic italian hardcore thrash.

for fans of RAW POWER.


Monday, November 28, 2011

HELLCHILD Bareskin + Bonus cd




this is the rare 2cd version.

NOTE: this album, as the previous one Circulating Contradiction, was also released on HOWLING BULL AMERICA with different cover artwork. the cover artist for the US releases is the well known "Mid" from UK. (also known for: NAPALM DEATH "Utopia banished", "Mass appeal madness", "Order of the leech" and all the 1991/92 Napalm tour t-shirt design).

for comparison: US Bareskin cover artwork

CD #1

1 Self-scorn
2 In indulgence
3 The answer
4 Wings of hope
5 In this freezing night
6 Without any answer
7 Acceptance
8 Escape
9 Single color of myself
10 Another kind of bravery

CD #2

1. Shoot to kill (G.I.S.M.)

2. Kickstart my heart (MOTLEY CRUE)
- Fire fire (MOTORHEAD)
- New year's day (U2)
- Problems (SEX PISTOLS)

3. Stage dive (WHIPLASH)
- Damage inc. (METALLICA)
- A lesson in violence (EXODUS)
- Bestial invasion (DESTRUCTION)
- Raining blood (SLAYER)
- Under the guillotine (KREATOR)

my own rip (320). cover scans + HELLCHILD t-shirt flyer included on cd #2 rip.

UPDATE: sorry, there is no rip of the medley cd (cd #2) so far.

one song from HELLCHILD "Bareskin" cd:


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NAUSEA L.A. - demos 2002-2006


(top) Oscar Garcia, Carlos Gonzales
(down) Alfred "GARVEY" Estrada, Eric Castro


Oscar Garcia, Javier Arqueros, Vito Tagliente, Eric Castro

NAUSEA - Images of abuse (demo 2006)

1. Does God need help?
2. Lost war
3. Fuck the world
4. Cries of pain


NAUSEA - Who would surrender? (demo 2003)

1. Who would surrender
2. Condemn big business
3. World left in confinement
4. Freedom of religion


NAUSEA - Absence of war (Reh | demo 2002)

1. Control
2. Wounded II
3. Does God need help?
4. Absence of war

NAUSEA - Control (Reh | demo 2002)

1 Control
2 Wounded
3 Does God need help?
4 Breed

NAUSEA reforms in july 2001. first release is the "Control" demo cd in 2002.
it contains 3 new tracks + 1 old NAUSEA track "Breed", from a 1992 demo.
while they were spreading the Control cd, they decided to release the "Absence of war" cd instead. in order to promote the brand new track "Absence of war".
so, first 3 tracks are the same as the Control cd, but the 4th song Breed is now replaced with "Absence of war". The song Wounded here is entitled Wounded II. to me it appears the same. ;) who knows? maybe Oscar just changed, or fixed its lyrics. I always forgot asking him.
in addition,this cd contains lyrics in the booklet. (while Control didn't).



Sunday, August 28, 2011

EXTREME DECAY "Progressive destruction"

EXTREME DECAY "Progressive destruction"

Indonesia grindcore

my own rip (320). enjoy

Thursday, January 27, 2011

HEMDALE / EXHUMED "In The Name Of Gore" split cd (1996)

HEMDALE / EXHUMED "In The Name Of Gore" split cd
(1996 Visceral Productions)

ripping grindcore / death metal from two US bands.

HEMDALE has a discography cd out on RELAPSE, entitled "Rad Jackson"
which includes this split recording.
Visceral Productions is a HEMDALE member label. I remember reading an old interview this guy was a MULTIPLEX (JP) fan and hooked up MULTIPLEX when doing their only US tour ever. this ended up in Visceral Productions releasing the MULTIPLEX "Quest for the clearness" EP (1997).

honestly I never followed this band other than this. right or wrong, I remember they had a strong CARCASS influence on their full-lenght albums. anyone confirm? lol
EXHUMED is the band of here still young (1996) dudes Matt Harvey and Col Jones. they are in REPULSION since 2005 till today! playing 3 or 4 major festival shows still every year. Col Jones is also on the REPULSION related band CRETIN. (btw, are they still alive?)

1 Delicious gory fun
2 Puss filled carcass
3 Overflow
4 Bathing in mucus and bile
5 Tasty hemorrhoidal tissue
6 Brutally mauled human remains
7 Succulent torso crescendo
8 It burns... and it just plain smells bad
9 Are you pornophoric?
10 Demented surgical incest
11 Artificial masturbation
12 Licking mental patients' cum off the sheets
13 Curse the gods

14 Horrendous member dismemberment
15 Septicemia (festering sphinctral malignancy, part 2)
16 Masochistic copramania
17 Necrovores: decomposing the inanimate
18 Disinterred, digested, and debauched
19 Bone fucker
20 The naked and the dead
21 Necro-transvestite
22 Torso
23 Dissecting the caseated omentum
24 Death metal

my own rip. 320. enjoy.